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Advanced Face & Body treatments


Hyapen Treatments

The Hyapen is the newest technology - It has 'no needles' - the pen uses airflow to push nano molecules directly into the dermis. It is a safe and 'Pain free' treatment.


The Hylaronic Acid Revitalise Facial 

Using the Hyapen, hyaluronic acid filler is placed into the dermis by airflow pressure, hydrating the skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles instantly. The revitalising filler is evenly distributed throughout the skin adding gentle volume to the face, great for special occasions.


Hylaronic Acid Revitalise Facial 

Course of three. Recommended for best results

(three hylaron facials) £450

(one hylaron facial) £160


No Needle Messotherapy Treatments

Using the hayapen to place serums into the dermal layer of skin, treating different skin conditions.


Messo V serum: Rejuvenation and revitalization.

Messo Lift Serum: To lift and firm the skin

Messo High Serum: Hydration and reduction in fine lines

Messo Whitening Serum: Reduction of pigmentation.


Course of six treatment is advised for optimum results.

Treatments - One a week

(One serum Messotherapy Facial) £90

(course of six treatments) £500

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